Some Tips on Passing Your Drug Test Fast

by detoxcleanse

Many people want to pass their drug tests easy and fast. One of the fastest and the most reliable ways to do this is never do drugs in the first place. If you have done drugs or have bee doing drugs and have a drug test coming, you will need to do a number of things to pass. If you are an employee looking to pass this test, you can use one of the tips below on how to pass a drug test fast.

Avoid blockers and strips

Blockers and strips were previously use as an effective way of blocking testers and giving a clean slate to any drug user. These have gone out of fashion with testers coming up with newer ways to identify the presence of these in the system. If you were thinking of grabbing these, you may be taking more than a chance on your pay slip. The nitrites and some commercial chemicals were used to inhibit THC. These are now commonly checked for and the presence of the blockers will prove Drug testing pass fail Some Tips on Passing Your Drug Test Fastthat you were on drugs anyway.

Drug test Emergency?

You can dilute your urine sample using warm water which metabolizes the urine and the compounds present in the urine. The use of green tea is also known to exponentially dilute urine. This means you will need to keep some sachets in your office wardrobe. These methods are however not 100% proof with new test methods checking for diluents in the urine. The rooms provided these days are also devoid of sinks for the purpose of this process. If you are in an emergency, it worth a try while you keep your fingers crossed.

Flush them out!

Take time to flush out your system. This is done easily by taking in a lot of water. Avoid taking in too much as it could lead to serious water intoxication. It could also sell you out due to the excretion of clear urine. This is a good indication that you were diluting your urine. This method is only suitable if you have time before the exam. You can also take in a lot of vitamins which act as metabolites when it comes to any toxins in the body.


This could be your best chance when it comes to these tests. Have someone do the sample for you for presentation. If this is not possible, you can always invest in synthetic urine samples. This will cost you a little bit more. The ‘whizzinator’ is one of the most revolutionary products when it comes to passing these tests. They are so good that they are facing a law suit I the courts. They are still stocked in some stores for the purpose of passing these tests. These cost an arm and a leg but will do it for a desperate one. All the same, passing these tests is much easier when one steers off drugs. These tips on how to pass a drug test fast will need to be applied with a clever knack putting in mind the system you’re working with.

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